I would like to stand in front of a mirror and call myself A Demon Shredder.

Its been seven weeks now since I met Shanin Taylor and we had just ended a class where He advised us to set a goal which we would work towards achieving as a guitarist in 12 months’ time. A Shredder, and I don’t mean David Shankle, as he is the subject of most of the top articles Google search engine would give to you as a result. My goal is to make a name for myself as a demon shredder in my community, and yes, in my ultimate reality, Shred some virtual demons.

Since I was a kid, I had created this virtual world in my head where demons kept coming out from the ground and as a superhero, and the best guitarist in this world, it was my duty to use the sonic ray emitted after I pull the strings of my guitar to play a tune, and get rid of them.

Shanin Taylor’s guitar lesson wasn’t my first attempt to improve my guitar playing skill in the real world. I initially had two other failed attempts, the first which was a few years back when I had a friend teach me the basics for me to keep practicing on. I got myself a wooden guitar, and I was ready to learn. But every time I went for the so-called lessons, we would spend most of our time either arguing about football, or who the fastest rapper is, or the fact that I don’t know The Spinal Tap Band. This went on for about six classes in 2 weeks, and I guess I got tired. I also realized practicing isn’t just about pulling strings rather, it is about knowing what string to pull and when to pull it.

My second shot at becoming a guitarist was a different experience. I decided to go online and find a tutor (but I wasn’t ready to spend money though). So I went on YouTube, and there she was; Pretty, Smart, her voice were soothing to my ears, and I could tell that she knew what she was talking about! Or at least it sounded like she did till, after few weeks, she suddenly stopped uploading tutorials or anything, after which I did my due diligence on her, and it seemed like she had gone off the grid (with respect to my limited investigative skill and knowledge).

After these experiences, I gave up on becoming a guitarist (and I focused more on becoming a hero in my virtual world). Till I heard a mixtape on the bus one day, and well it did basically blew me off my feet as I was about highlighting from the bus when the tracks started to play. I was repeating and following the guitar strings in my head, and didn’t know when I missed a step as I was getting off. And thanks to this incident, I got my chance to talk to the bus driver and ask if he knew the name of the guitarist, and luckily for me, it was his cousin who was also the conductor of the bus. So I got invited to his guitar class which was only a few blocks away from where I stayed, and for the first time in a while, as I watched him creatively rekindle my desire and spark the passion of becoming a shredder that laid dead in me, I couldn’t wait to become his student.

It took me just a few weeks to save enough cash for an Ibanex RG350EX Guitar, and I have been attending his classes for about six weeks now. I have improved on my chords, sweep picking, legato, bending strings, and slides. I now practice consistently with other members of my class and today, my goal has been set and sealed.

I was on my way home with Jack and Lizzy who just saw a movie in a theatre around the corner, and we decided to branch the diner before going home.

Opening the door to the diner, I was welcomed by the dashing aroma of the freshly made Bacon that was in the bag of the lady who was leaving right as I was entering the diner. Immediately, I decided to get myself some of those Bacon and I did. We sat and talked about the movie which I had seen the day before (I couldn’t afford to miss my guitar class). After we were done talking about the movie, I told them about the goal I had just set and would start working towards achieving in the next 12 months.

A shredder in 12 months?” Lizzy asked, “I think you are reaching.”

Leave the boy, the juice in his system is flowing pretty well, and that’s what he needs,” Jack Objected.

I know it seems impossible, but that is why I chose that goal. A goal is supposed to be challenging -”

Not impossible,” Lizzy jumped in.

Lizzy has always played safe and would always go for the option that would lead to the least disappointment. I think she is just scared and I believe it would limit her.

I don’t think it is impossible.”

I could see the tiny hint of surprise in Lizzy’s eyes as the words went straight into her head. It was a girl sitting at the cube right behind ours. Apparently alone, she had been hearing our conversation and said;

I’m sorry to object you, but I think he can do it if he is willing and ready. My Kid brother won the under 18 shredder competition last year, and ten months prior to the competition, he had never picked up a guitar. Impossible right?”

Lizzy was too shocked as she didn’t like that she was objected, by another female, who is also a stranger. Jack, on the other hand, agreed with the pretty lady who he couldn’t stop smiling at since she turned to us. As for me, that was exactly what I needed to hear!



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